GYMS offers following training programs to empower the modern youth

Personality Development and Character Build Up
* Training in application of philosophy, values and principles in their personal life.
* Rising early, sleeping early, morning mantra meditation, GD and interactions.
* Training in etiquettes, manners and proper behavior to be followed in society.
* Training in dealing with equals, juniors, seniors, elders in the family, parents, teachers.
* Training in integrity, truthfulness, simplicity, trustworthiness, non-envy, maturity, humility
* Training in self-excellence skills like giving presentations, conflict resolution etc.

Yoga, Meditation and Nutritious Diet
* Vibrant health, peaceful mind, and satisfying loving relationships are essential.
* Training in Character and Competence.
* Use Arts, Culture, Music and Media to propagate the message of Wisdom literatures.
* Creating a class of wise people who respect, trust and love each other.
* Use talents for propagating love of God and love for all, based on word of God.
* Distributing spiritual literature at subsidized prices.
* Training in Science of God, etiquettes and behaviour, prayer and practices.

Mantra Meditation
* Modern man filled with fear, tension, anger, defensive attitude etc leading to stress.
* The adrenaline hormone secretion leads to disorders like indigestion, back pain, blood pressure rise etc.
* Mantra Meditation is a powerful tool to alleviate stress and attain peace of mind.
* It provides one inner strength, patience, tolerance, vigor, confidence, power to make decisions etc.
* GYMS Boys regularly perform mantra meditation and lead cheerful stress-free lives.

Topping in Academics
* Spirituality and Academics are given equal importance for GYMS boys.
* For a devotee student, his college studies are not material. It is Krishna’s service.

Public Speaking and Discussion (PSD)
* Boys are trained how to deliver lecture presentations.
* They are taught to face challenges from the audience without losing temper.
* They are assessed on the basis of ten criteria and room for improvements are offered to them.
* A seasoned preacher gives clarifies all the lingering misconceptions.

Team Playing and Synergising
* Group Discussion Camps (GDC) teaches the boys to work cooperatively in a team.
* They learn to value others opinions, to pool up the talents of many, to be confident etc.
* They prepare one of their team members to give a presentation, make a display, put up a skit etc.

Devotional Qualifications
* They are trained in cooking, cleaning, washing, worshiping, performing arati.
* Singing, playing instruments like mridanga, kartals, harmonium.
* Purchasing things from market, handling accounts, managing different departments like kitchen, etc.
* This foundational training is greatly helpful now and in the future.

Personal Care and Counseling
* Every GYMS devotee has a Counselor who acts in his life as a Philosopher, Friend and Guide.
* He answers the devotee’s questions and shares his experiences.
* He helps him tackle physical, mental, and spiritual problems and trains him to face future challenges.
* The Counselor-counselee meetings are held fortnightly or monthly to bring about a family atmosphere.