Project Gita Daan

Gift a way to live happy life, Gift a Gita

On the most auspicious occasion of upcoming GITA JAYANTI (the day when Lord Sri Krishna spoke Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna almost 5000 years ago), we, at Gita Reading Society are launching a new initiative – GITA DAAN, as part of our Wisdom Charity Program (Shastra Daan) in Singapore.

Under this GITA DAAN initiative, we will place small sized Bhagavad Gita in acrylic racks in restaurants & hotels so that general masses can pick them.

Each and everyone of us can participate in this initiative by sponsoring these GITA’s so that they can be made available at this nominal charge for everyone.


12 Bhagavad Gita = ONLY $60

Click below button to sponsor 12 Bhagavad Gita


Please take benefit of this wonderful opportunity and assist us in spreading the message of Bhagavad Gita to more and more people.

Important Note:

Once your order is confirmed, a representative from Gita Reading Society will call you to confirm the details.  


Please approach HG Tarun Kishore Pr (81231505) and HG Sarangan Pr (97626628) if you would like to sponsor Bhagavad Gita OR if you would like to assist us in placing these GITAs in the restaurants/shops on a weekly basis. Thank you very much. Hare Krishna !!