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Offering Ghee Lamps During Kartik

VARIOUS BENEFITS OF OFFERING GHEE LAMP TO THE LORD DURING THE MONTH OF KARTICK Dialogue between Krsna and Satyabhama as described in Padma Purana: The sins accumulated by various Kalpas vanish in an instant when a lamp in offered during Karthik. There is no value of even the Ashwamedha sacrifices for someone who in this […]

10 Reasons Why You Must Attend Ratha Yatra

10 Reasons why you must attend Ratha Yatra

10 Reasons Why You Must Attend Ratha Yatra Ratha Yatra or the Festival of Chariots is a special celebration dedicated to Lord Jagannath, a form of the Supreme Lord Krishna. Jagannath is composed of two words – Jagat (Universe) and Nath (Lord) and so Jagannath means the “Lord of the Universe”. In this festival which […]

Balaram Jayanti & Jhulan Yatra Celebration

Balaram Jayanti Singapore

Dear Devotees, Please come and join us on this Thursday 7th August 2017 to celebrate the wonderful appearance of Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Krsna! The Vedic scriptures and Acaryas instruct us that without the mercy of Lord Balarama, who embodies the perfect service attitude to the Supreme Lord, one cannot approach Lord Krsna! Come and take darshan of […]

Book Fair – 2017

Come and visit us at Singapore Book Fair Highlights: – Books on Vedic Philosopy – Books on Yoga & Meditation – Children Books – Spiritual Science – Bhagavad Gita and much more… 30 May 2017 to 5 June 2017 at Suntec Centre Level 4. Hall 401-402 between 11am to 10pm. Visit below link for details […]

Sri Radhaashtami 2015

THE BLESSED APPEARANCE OF SRIMATI RADHARANI SRI RADHAASTAMI 2015 On Monday, 21st Sept 2015, From 7.00 PM to 9.00PM @ Gauranga Centre   Dear Devotees! Hare Krishna! After the blissful birth of the Supreme Lord, Krsna Janmashtami, comes the appearance of Srimati Radhika, who expressed the highest and topmost form of transcendental loving service to […]

Purushottama Masa – 2015

Every two (sometimes three) years in Vedic Sidereal astrology there is a time compensation month added to correct, and adjust the time movements. This is something similar to the western Leap Year. This month is considered to be very auspicious (adhika = best or greatest), as Lord Krishna imself appearing in a Calendrical Form to […]