Albert Einstein famously remarked, “You know in the West we’ve built a beautiful ship, and it has all the comforts. But the one thing it doesn’t have is a Compass and that’s why it doesn’t know where it is going.” Isn’t this the condition of today’s Youth? With the Rat Race of 21st century, our speed has increased but the direction is lost, we’ve gained a lot but satisfaction is lost.


Bhaktavatsalas, the youth group of Gita Reading Society, was formed with this aim of giving the right direction to the fast moving youth. At Bhaktavatsalas, we discuss philosophy from ancient scriptures and help the young generation to apply it in their lives to become happier, successful and peaceful individuals.

Aim of Bhaktavatsalas
  • Help modern youth to lead happier lives through the practice and engagement in Krishna Consciousness
  • Deepen their knowledge, understanding and ability to apply the Vedic philosophy
  • Mentoring and befriending to address the troubled and confused youth.
  • Visit places of spiritual interest to deepen one’s connection with glory of Vedic culture and civilisation.
  • Philosophical Discussions
  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Devotional services
Who we are looking for
  • Male youths 16 and above
  • Open minded towards spirituality
  • Willing to have their lives changed for the better
When and where
  • Gita Reading Society; 13 Cuff Road, Little India, Singapore 209724
  • Saturdays; timings vary depending on the activity
Who to contact
  • Vishal: 81204196